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Fashion of the early 1600s. Early Baroque era clothing

Details: Let’s have a look at the European fashion at the beginning of the 17th century. During the Early Baroque era, the male costumes were much …

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Fashion of the High Baroque era in Europe in the 1600s

Details: The life and history of several European countries in the 17th century were connected and, thus, their fashion trends were similar. France, England, and Spain. All of them were powerful colonizers and wealthy states in Europe. And fashion always is influenced by politics, culture, and lifestyle of a certain period. So, what did the European aristocracy wear in …

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Clothing fashion in Europe in the 1850s-1860s

Details: The article is based on a video by Amanda Hallay, fashion historian. The 19th century had a very prudish and uptight attitude about sex. And by the 1850s, fashion, of course, responded with… the hoop skirt. Many people think that hoop skirt was created as a hyperbole image of childbearing hips. But it’s a myth.

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